Victorian Tiled Floor in Erdington Birmingham

Victorian Floor in Erdington Birmingham

Details below of a Victorian Floor Resotration job in Erdington. The floor was soiled with dirt and paint spots and the owner wanted it restored back to its original beauty and preserved for the future.

Victorian Floor Before Restoration Victorian Floor Before Restoration
Victorian Tiled Floor Before Restoration

Cleaning the Victorian Tiled Floor

We used Pro-Clean mixed 50/50 with NanoTech Ultra Clean and hot water mopped on to the floor and left for 20mins to soak to help release the dirt. This was followed by scrubbing with a heavy floor buffer fitted with a black pad; we used a wet vacuum to pick up the solution from the floor and then rinsed with clean water and then steam vacuumed and speed dried with a fan blower.

Victorian Floor After Restoration
Victorian Tiled Floor After Restoration

Sealing the Victorian Tiled Floor

When dry the floor was sealed with 2 coats of Tile Doctor Colour Grow to bring out colour then one coat of Tile Doctor Seal and Go to add a shine. The jobs took two days in total, the photographs don’t really do the floor justice but the difference was remarkable.

Victorian Floor Restoration in Erdington Birmingham


Original Source: Victorian Floor Restoration by Tile Doctor Warwickshire.