Limestone Floor Restoration

Limestone Floor Restoration

Some photographs below of a Limestone floor in a property in the West Midlands. The property had just been sold and the new owners wanted the Limestone floor, which was heavy damaged from pets and the application of the wrong cleaning products, restored back to its original condition. Owners of stone floors really need to take care not to use acidic products to clean their floors as this slowly eats away at the stone; you get the same problem from pet urine which contains Uric acid.

Limestone floor before restoration by Tile Doctor Warwickshire

Limestone floor before restoration

I cleaned the floor using Tile Doctor Pro-Clean along with the diamond coated burnishing pad system and then sealed with Tile Doctor Colour Grow which is great for bringing out the colours in stone.

Limestone Floor After Restoration

Limestone Floor After Restoration

After sealing we polished the floor with Tile Doctor Shine which is a crystallising powder that provides a very high deep shine and tough durable finish.

Limestone Kitchen Floor After Restoration

Limestone Kitchen Floor After Restoration

All in the entire Limestone Floor restoration took two long 12 hour days however our efforts were rewarded by the look on the faces of the new owners who were over the moon with the finished job.

Original Source: Limestone Floor Restoration by Tile Doctor Warwickshire.

Granite Worktop

Adding Shine to a Granite Worktop

We don’t just clean tiled floors at Tile Doctor we also cover stone worktops including Marble and Granite. In the example below we were called to a customer near Leamington Spa who had tried a number of different products in order to achieve a glossy shine.

Granite Worktop showing a dull matt finish

Granite Worktop Before

We applied Tile Doctor Pro-Clean sprayed on to the work area to breakdown the previous products that had been applied.

Granite Worktop after being sealed

Granite Worktop After

The Granite worktop was high pressure steamed vacuumed and then left to dry before being sealed with an impregnating stone enhancer with extra darkening action which intensifies the natural colour and also masks defects and imperfections in the stone. The Granite was then buffed to get that real deep shine.

Original Source: Granite Worktop by Tile Doctor Warwickshire.

Victorian Floor Restoration with Uri Geller

Uri Geller calls in Tile Doctor to Restore a Victorian Floor

Tile Doctor Tile Cleaning a Victorian floor for Uri Geller

As a Designer Uri Geller invited Tile Doctor along to a House he has been asked to help out with using his own creative ideas, We gladly helped to refurbish the Old Victorian floor Tiles that are original to the house using great care and skill and replace some broken ones that have lifted over the Years.

He was so impressed with the results that he kindly provided the above Video Testimonial. While I was there he also bent my House Key, but unfortunately we couldn’t get this on camera due to his contract with Warner Bros, who am I to argue with that. I can say there was no trickery involved as I was as skeptical as anyone else out there, but he bent it using an index finger and holding the key on a flat floor and just rubbing it with his finger for about 5 seconds, very impressed, so it means quite something to me that he is impressed with my work as well.

Please note Tile Doctor don’t just cover Residential property and interior designers we also provide Tile Cleaning services to facility managers, general contractors, as well as the numerous tile contractors and cleaning companies that use our services and products everyday. Unlike other tile cleaning companies we cover a broad ranges of tiled surfaces including Ceramic, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Porcelain, Quarry, Sandstone, Slate, Terracotta And Victorian Floor Tiles.

Victorian Floor Tile Cleaning Specialists


Original Source: Victorian Floor Restoration by Tile Doctor Lancashire.

Slate Flooring Care

Slate Flooring Care in Whepstead

Some details below of a cleaning and sealing job we we did on a 43m2 Slate Floor in a kitchen/utility room in Whepstead, Suffolk.

Slate Floor Care Before Restoration Slate Floor Before Restoration

Kitchen Slate Floor Care in Whepstead, Suffolk before Cleaning and Sealing

This beautiful slate floor had been sealed several years ago, the sealer had worn and it was in need of some slate flooring care. The floor was cleaned with Pro-clean, it was a reasonably large and it tool around 2 litres to get it clean. We then left it to dry overnight and came back the next morning to seal it using 6 x coats of Seal & Go consuming around 2 litres of the product.

Slate Flooring Care applied in Whepstead Slate Floor After Restoration

Kitchen Slate Floor Care in Whepstead, Suffolk after Cleaning and Sealing

Slate Flooring Care applied in Whepstead, Suffolk


Original Source: Slate Flooring Care by Tile Doctor Suffolk.

Terracotta Floor Cleaned and Sealed

Terracotta Tiles cleaned With Tile Doctor Pro-clean and 2 Black Buffing pads, there were some awkward stains in corners and such so I used Remove and Go and some Nano-scrub cleaner on these, but only after they had been pre-wetted first otherwise Remove and Go is hard to get out of the clay.

Terracotta Floor Before Cleaning and Sealing

Terracotta Floor Before Cleaning and Sealing

Lots of Rinsing with water, left to dry overnight and came back the next day to Seal, turned the heating up, opened a couple of small windows front and back to allow for some Airflow and then started to apply 9 coats of Seal and Go with a Paint pad, this took all day, so quite a bit of waiting around, good time to catch up on my paperwork in the van in between sealer drying times.

Terracotta Floor After Cleaning and Sealing

Terracotta Floor After Cleaning and Sealing


Original Source: Terracotta Floor Cleaned and Sealed by Tile Doctor Lancashire.